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Bolesław, like Bolesław II the Generous, based his foreign policy on maintaining good relations with neighboring Hungary and Kievan Rus, with whom he forged strong links through marriage and military cooperation in order to break the political dependence on Germany and his vassal, the King of Bohemia, who in moments of weakness of Polish policy was forced to pay tribute in Silesia.

In 1113 he conquered the northern strongholds along Noteć, which strengthened the border with the Pomeranians.

In subsequent years, he took steps toward the conquest of Pomerania.

Integration of the newly annexed lands enabled Bolesław to build churches and began the process of converting Pomerania.

Bishop Otto of Bamberg confirmed the Christianization of Pomerania from 1123 onward.

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  4. Možda nisam primetila zato što ONI (mislim na muževe),tada najbolje balansiraju, kad sede na „dve stolice“. Zar čovek koga volim a to znači i da mu beskrajno verujem, koji je vaspitan kao i ja , otac moje dece, i bla. Želeo je razvod, a ja nisam bila spremna za taj korak. Mnogo je pitanja,a jos vise odgovora na temu preljube.

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