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Es war die Leidenschaft für Stahl, die unser Atterer Stahlcenter zu einem der größten Stahlhändler in Südbayern hat werden lassen.

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“And it can get you just as sick or sicker than eating too bad.”In a 90-minute presentation, given as part of Naturopathic Medicine Week (which runs from May 3–9), Matsen took the audience on an entertaining tour of the digestive system before explaining how plants high in potassium cause unintended outcomes.

On this day, he got his message across with the help of a projector that showed nine illustrated “liver dwarves” named Burpy, Bloaty, Gaspy, Spacey, Achy, Itchy, Bitchy, Sluggy, and Docque.

He began with a detailed explanation of how food travels through the system.

He noted that in a healthy person, two parts of the digestive system are heavily alkaline, and two other areas are characterized by high levels of acidity.

Therefore, he suggested, shortages of tryptophan induced by digestive problems can trigger depression.

Matsen noted the vast sums of money spent on antidepressants such as Prozac and Zoloft, which enrich the pharmaceutical industry, before declaring: “They’re missing the underlying, root problem.”At this point, Matsen returned to his original point about how eating too many fruits and vegetables can get in the way of optimal health.The slightly larger CAIRE HELi OS Marathon provides continuous (1–6 LPM) and pulse (1–4 LPM) flow settings.Bei uns finden Sie alles, was Sie für Ihren täglichen Einsatz im Handwerk benötigen.In addition, he notes in the book, hydrochloric acid in the stomach converts another substance, pepsinogen, into pepsin, which digests protein and kills most microorganisms and parasites in food.However, if the stomach isn’t sufficiently acidic, Matsen told the bookstore audience, proteins won’t be fully digested.In addition, he said, parasites, yeast, and bacteria will migrate into the small intestine, which is heavily alkaline.


  1. The series identifies these various episodes by two letter code in their titles as being "Stand Alone" or "Complex" in season 1 and "Individual", "Dividual", or "Dual" in 2nd GIG.

  2. They hired Gianettino and Meredith Advertising to come up with a way to communicate with the New York area.

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  4. Meanwhile, a new television network, the CW, was simultaneously in the midst of a delicate birthing process.

  5. This would provide women with quicker access to treatment, whilst also freeing up GP time for more critical appointments.

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