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We were fortunate enough to find a great partner in Gimlet who got what we want to accomplish—telling original, relevant and compelling stories." Rafsanjani recognizes that podcasting is an intimate experience for listeners.People opt in to shows and specific episodes unlike TV audiences who often come across programming passively.

"Try to make something people can connect to and that feels real to them—that's the challenge, and that's what we're aiming for," she said.

Just as podcasting is up close and personal with people, so is dating.

There are a number of ways to solve this, one of which comes from the “virtual rose” study, which found that people are more likely to respond to users whose “interest was sincere”, and went beyond a simple “swipe” or like – something Tinder’s Super Like is based on.

Simon is the former editor of Global Dating Insights.

"It's about all the things people are confronting on Tinder or on any other dating app." DTR, which stands for "define the relationship," premiered this week with an episode titled "Hey" and will run as an eight-week series with each episode focusing on a different dating-related topic.

Making branded podcasts can be tricky because "no one's gonna listen to it if it feels like an ad," Rafsanjani said.She talked about how the brain functions in a great love relationship.The brain shows more empathy, and more focus on what is right with your partner rather than what is wrong.As The Wall Street Journal noted, the use of GIFs on Tinder tends to help messages come across better, especially ones of Joey from Friends saying, "How you doin'?" It's just two words more than "hey," but it seems to be a popular way to break the ice.Gimlet Creative, the branch of Gimlet Media that creates both the interstitial ads you hear in its podcasts and entire branded series, worked with Tinder to create a branded podcast all about dating mishaps.


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