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O] Nobody benefits from playing any further, so I resign.

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Or maybe you transitioned to a vegan lifestyle and your partner kept eating meat?

Falling in love should feel natural and easy but sometimes we complicate what should be simple.

I have friends who are working through this vegan/non-vegan stuff, and Ayindé and Zoë have wonderful advice for what my friends are going through.

I recommend this book if you’re in a vegan-omni relationship, or as a gift for someone who is.

Recently I’ve been getting to know Chef Ayindé—who might be helping Vegan Outreach with some food events—and he sent me a copy.

is all about vegans dating non-vegans, and how to make those relationships work.

And an ideal team mate, although that doesn't really matter to him.

I highly recommend this cookbook and no, it’s not all about sex! Not that there’s anything wrong with a romantic vegan book!

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