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If you have a large number of charts in your presentation, finding and updating all linked charts manually is not practical.For a better overview and a more directed approach to update your charts, go to the checkbox to let think-cell automatically update the chart whenever changes in the linked data are detected.

The chart is not highlighted or flagged, but you still have the option to manually revert the automatic update.

Change detection works only while both files, Excel and Power Point, are open at the same time.

If Power Point is not yet running, it starts automatically.

In Power Point, when the mouse pointer is on a slide, the familiar insertion rectangle appears.

Each chart as well as each data range in Excel is assigned a unique identification number that is used to maintain the link.

The technical requirement for reestablishing a link is that both the Excel file containing the data range and the Power Point file containing the chart are simultaneously open on the same computer, irrespective of the file names.

Transposing a data range swaps the chart’s row and column data interpretation, letting you, for example, create column charts from rows rather than columns of data.

The most important function of a chart that is linked to an Excel workbook is the option to update the chart according to changes in the underlying data.

Thus, you always have the option to update the chart later.

You can also let think-cell automatically update the linked chart for you.

This option is available in the dialog (Data Links dialog).


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