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It would never be released to the public, in fact, the public would never even know about it.

It would be solely used for rental to the various member units of the lodge throughout the country for lodge members only to see.

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The next day the tapes were delivered to her home, and she spent the entire evening reviewing them.

The auditions consisted of each of the boys reading some lines, then stripping to show their bodies, then kissing and fondling a model to show how they looked with an erection.

But she wasn’t aware that she had been the subject of the first masturbations of most of them, including the two she picked. She thought the variety would be interesting; she had never tried brown before.

Her two favorites were both medium height, with dark hair, and very athletic builds. He would play Eric, the junior, and the white boy would play Ron, the senior.

He listed the numerous safeguards that would be stipulated in the contract, and assured her that there would be no possible way for the press or the public to ever learn about it.

He also assured her that it would be up to her alone to decide who would appear in the movie with her.

One thing would lead to another, and she would use the opportunity to seduce the boys.

The boys would be eighteen years old; one would play an eighteen year old senior and one would play a sixteen year old junior.

Her agent was aware of all this, and figured this was a good time to bring up a proposal he had been sitting on.


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