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He was apprehensive about possibly getting naked with his sister in the room, but he didn’t want to object because he really wanted to see Bella, and especially Dani, naked. ” Peyton asked as she watched a naked woman get killed.“You don’t need an excuse to drink,” Dani said, laughing.

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“Jeez, Dani, it’s bad enough you fucked my roommate, you don’t need to be seducing her brother as well,” Bella Thorne sighed as she shoved a spoonful of cereal into her mouth. In between bouts of fucking, Dani had spewed all sorts of dirty talk about how awesome it would be to watch Peyton fuck her brother.

“I was only going to seduce him for Peyton,” Dani said, making Bella stop with the spoon halfway to her mouth. While stuffing a dildo into Peyton’s twat, Dani had told her to close her eyes and imagine it was Spencer fucking her with his cock.

Celebs of choice in this story are Peyton Roi List, Bella Thorne, and Dani Thorne.

The codes are (m F, ff, cons, oral, anal, inc, toys).

With six eyes, two of them belonging to his own sister, locked on him, Spencer stood up.

Nervously pulling at the hem of his shirt he started lifting it up.

If a guy shows his butt, take off two pieces of clothing.

If we get a dick shot, get naked and drink the rest of your beer.” “Um, okay,” Spencer said nervously.

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