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I know this may seem like a very short amount of viewing time to justify driving a few hours (let alone flying from another country! Starting at the Oregon coastline, it will cross over the U. until it reaches South Carolina’s coastline and disappears out to sea.), but to quote Eclipse2017.org, it is a “jaw-dropping, knee-buckling, emotionally-overloading, completely overwhelming spectacle.” And in case you still aren’t convinced, I’ll refer you back to my Being referred to as “The Great American Eclipse,” visitors worldwide are booking their flights to the U. We hope it grabs some shrimp and grits on its way out.We’ll be keeping you updated over the next few months on lodging availability, viewing locations, and information to make sure your viewing experience of this spectacular event goes as smoothly as possible.

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If you just want to relax and recharge, you can visit Idaho's world-famous Hot Pools for a luxurious weekend or spend a quiet night at home in our free, private housing.

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Idaho boasts of a stunning natural beauty with breathtaking backdrops of snow-cloaked mountain ranges and serene rivers.

For travelers who enjoy finding regional novelties, you’ll be glad to know that Idaho -- nicknamed the “Gem State” -- is home to nearly every type of known gemstone. S.’s deepest river gorge, Hell’s Canyon, which is deeper than the Grand Canyon by 1,807 feet, and Shoshone Falls, a gorgeous waterfall that is 45 feet taller than Niagara Falls.

To see where the path of totality will be, as well as start and end times, go to this extremely detailed map courtesy of Xavier Jubier: Map For even more goodies, head over to NASA and click around on their 2017 Eclipse site.

*If referencing the map by Xavier, make sure to take into consideration that times are notated by UT (universal time) and you’ll need to subtract six hours from the displayed time to get Mountain Daylight Time.For exact times and locations, refer to Xavier Jubier’s map in our resources section below.Each position along the path will experience only about one to two minutes of total eclipse time.YOU CANNOT LOOK AT THE SUN WITHOUT SPECIAL GLASSES. You will go blind, and yes, we are required to tell you that.Buy these fancy eye specs: or find some like them to ensure that you can see the main event and still retain your eyesight. We’ve been advised to try and stock up before the end of June.If you’re at all interested in celestial events, you’re shaking your head right now and rolling your eyes at my ignorance.


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