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After World War II, sexology experienced a renaissance, both in the United States and Europe. was influenced by the influx of European refugees escaping the Nazi regime and the popularity of the Kinsey studies.

Large scale studies of sexual behavior, sexual function, and sexual dysfunction gave rise to the development of sex therapy. Until that time, American sexology consisted primarily of groups working to end prostitution and to educate youth about sexually transmitted diseases.

(Prostitution in the City of Paris), an early 1830s study on 3,558 registered prostitutes in Paris, published by Alexander Jean Baptiste Parent-Duchatelet (and published in 1837, a year after he died), has been called the first work of modern sex research.

The scientific study of sexual behavior in human beings began in the 19th century.

Seven of his twenty-one case studies are of inter-generational relationships.

He also developed other important psychological concepts, such as autoerotism and narcissism, both of which were later developed further by Sigmund Freud.

Its library housed over 20,000 volumes, 35,000 photographs, a large collection of art and other objects.

People from around Europe visited the Institute to gain a clearer understanding of their sexuality and to be treated for their sexual concerns and dysfunctions.

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Shifts in Europe's national borders at that time brought into conflict laws that were sexually liberal and laws that criminalized behaviors such as homosexual activity.


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