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We’re not talking about the throaty, sexy tones associated with actresses such as Lauren Bacall and Kathleen Turner, but rather a voice so low that it often leads to her being mistaken for a man when she’s speaking on the phone.

According to John Rubin, consultant ear, nose and throat surgeon at University College Hospital, London, the reasons why some women have, or develop, deep voices are varied, with the menopause being a major culprit (stock photo)‘Numerous times I’ve arranged a phone chat with a man I’ve exchanged emails with, via a dating website, only for him to hear my voice and lose interest,’ says Jayne, a nursing assistant who lives in Wrexham, North Wales.‘There was one chap I arranged to meet for coffee without speaking to him first.

After all, actors and actresses have to master the art of changing the tone and pitch of their voice all the time.

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The paperclip feature (left) allows users to add a link to a snap using the paperclip button, backdrop (middle) allows users to add a motif background, such as fire emojis, to a snap, and voice filters (right) allows users to remix their voice in different styles, for example that of a cat To make sure that the new features work, users must first update the app.

The new paperclip feature, which allows users to add links to snaps, used to only be available to ad campaigns and Snapchat Discover content.

To use the voice filters, the user must record a snap and then tap the speaker icon, which then allows the user to choose a range of voice styles, including that of a cat, bear, alien and owl.

Earlier this month the social app launched another feature that lets users share their location with friends – called Snap Map.

Dr Joey Cheng, who led the study, said: ‘If you lower your voice, chances are you’ll probably be more effective at becoming a leader and influencing others, because it changes how others see you.’ It was a view held by Margaret Thatcher and her advisers.

The former prime minister had elocution lessons to make her voice sound deeper and authoritative.After choosing the background, the user outlines the people or object they want to stand outside of the filter, and the background motif is applied.The 'backdrops' feature allows users to add a motif background, such as fire emojis or strawberries (pictured left).To use the tool, the user taps the scissors on the right side of the screen and selects the square icon at the bottom.A choice of patterns then pops up, from including a repeating strawberry motif and fire emojis with '100' symbols.And to help users avoid dangerous links, the app shows a preview of the website near the swipe-up arrow to open the link.

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