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Joanne Alder ADPR- ADH (OSH)- HPD- PNLP- CNHC(Reg)- GHR(Reg)- MFHT 'Realistic therapy as individual as you... I work with you calmly and safely to solve issues such as anxiety, stress, fears & phobias, confidence, PTSD, trauma, stop smoking, weight loss and others to make safe and positive changes in your life.

Do you want to quit smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, anxiety or worry?

Counselling takes place in quiet and comfortable offices in the centre of Lancaster, easily accessible and with free parking. Private Counselling Psychologist with extensive and wide-ranging clinical experience offering psychological therapy in Chorley, Preston and now Lancaster.

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All hypnotherapists comply with our policy My name is Steve Mawdsley and I am a professionally qualified clinical Hypnotherapist.

I am very lucky & privileged in what I do, helping people achieve their goals and objectives. Consultations take place in quiet and comfortable offices in the centre of Lancaster, easily accessible and with free parking.

I'm a UKCP couple counsellor and psychotherapist with 25 years experience.

I offer daytime and evening appointments at fair rates in comfortable premises in the centre of Lancaster. I am an experienced Therapeutic Counsellor offering one-to-one support to young people and adults.

If you are going through tough times and are looking for someone to talk to who will understand and fully listen to what you want to say...

I have over 15 years of experience in counselling/psychotherapy for a wide range of issues, and am both Registered and Accredited with BACP.Are you stuck in repetitive and unhelpful thoughts or behaviours?I am an experienced hypnotherapist helping people to break unwanted habits and achieve their goals.Both daytime and evening appointments are available and Saturday morning appointments can also be arranged. Using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy, we focus on what you want to achieve rather than solely on the problem(s) that prompted you to seek change.? Your 60 minute introductory session is free, including a free CD.Looking for Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Massage, Reflexology and Aromatherapy in Garstang, Preston or anywhere in Lancashire, then look no further.I work with many issues, supporting & empowering people at difficult times.


  1. Thanks to the staff of Bircham University MEA, specially Graziella who was the bridge between me and the university, and who was coordinating the program tirelessly.

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