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That was fine; Pylant told Select All that things weren’t going great, exactly.

“I wouldn’t say he was much of a feminist,” she said. “He told us he jumped down a flight of stairs ‘sober’ in, like, Atlantic City,” Pylant said.

What was about to unfold was an internet saga so dramatic and so ridiculous you’d say “that could never happen” if you saw it in a movie.

When Pylant met Justin at the bar — where Pylant’s friend Kyle is a bartender — he told her he had friends meeting him there at .

Once she got wise to Justin’s moves, Pylant did two things.

First, she decided to make sure the other date knew what was up.

And second, she started tweeting a now-viral thread of updates. We should probably just go get a drink together and leave this dude here.’” The two women decided to grab another round at the bar across the street, ANXO Cidery, when date number three — the person Justin had been talking with on the phone — arrived.

Justin left to take a phone call when Pylant let the second date know what was happening. “At this point we’ve formed like a coalition,” she said.

“We’re making fun of him and he’s trying to play it off like he didn’t triple-book himself, or really sextuple, book himself.” The three women headed to the second bar.

Meanwhile, two of Pylant’s friends, whom she had originally called to rescue her from her bad date, camped out at the first bar to see if Justin had any more women on his dance card for the evening. “But then they texted me ‘dude, he’s here with a fourth girl!

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