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It was Landis' follow-up film to the previous year's Kentucky Fried Movie (1977).

It set the standard for many subsequent teen comedies in the 1980s and after.

He glanced backwards to share a conspiratorial glance with the voyeuristic film audience behind him. It told about an early 19th century nunnery run by a fervent sword-cane-wielding disciplinarian Mother Superior, Abbess Flavia Orsini (Gabriella Giacobbe).

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Patrick kanski dating

Amid the spotlight now being trained on gender inequity in Hollywood, the fact that Mark Wahlberg received an additional $1.5 million for reshoots, a sum not offered to his co-star Michelle Williams, has provoked outrage.

This very popular, low-brow, 'gross-out' anarchistic comedy from National Lampoon and director John Landis was the first big-studio comedy of its kind aimed specifically at the teen and college demographic.

It crashed right through the window at my feet." The Mother Superior was incensed that the nun also had a mirror in her possession, and asked: "What was going on? Her own niece - the love-starved, chaste nun Sister Clara (the director's wife Ligia Branice) began to regularly meet up and be seduced by the Father Confessor's (Mario Maranzana) virile, and she had ecstatic sex with ne'er-do-well nephew Rodrigo Landriani (Howard Ross).

The visits of the local meat butcher Silva (Alessandro Partexano), the "meat man," were restricted after he was found having a secret affair with pale-faced Sister Martina (Loredana Martinez).

He first tried to enlist other lovers to have sex with her and possibly get her pregnant.

The first failed candidate was bearded, glasses-wearing schoolteacher Stéphane (Patrick Dewaere), a Mozart lover who also was meticulous about arranging his complete collection of Pocket Books.was a low-brow, smutty, and vulgar musical sex comedy, an X-rated parody composed of various Mother Goose nursery rhyme characters.They were randomly placed into the plot, spouting leering and dirty sex jokes littered with double entendres, voyeurism, simulated sex, and some full-frontal nudity. Eyes ("Professor" Irwin Corey) joked: "They only make semen white and urine yellow so that you know whether you're comin' or goin'" - and "My moon is in Scorpio, and my Venus is five inches below my belly-button.After she engaged in a topless pillow fight with others - in the excitement, his ladder tipped backwards. The Mother Superior was appalled by the sensual urges of her charges, fearing that the "King of Darkness" had overtaken them.In another great scene, new recruit Larry "Pinto" Kroger (Tom Hulce) debated with a devil and angel figure (his conscience) on his shoulders about whether to take advantage of passed-out coed Clorette de Pasto (Sarah Holcomb) - not knowing that she was the mayor's 13 year-old daughter: Devil: "F--k her. To suppress their behaviors, she punished their hysterical, sacrilegious actions and sins against the Lord by forbidding them, although it was a vain effort, and forcing the guilty to repent and beg for forgiveness.She took the wood and shard of glass back to her room and - while naked under her gown - she carved herself a large wooden dildo.

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