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Encouragingly, the increase in participation has been strong amongst women and older workers.The number of working-age women participating in the labour force has increased by over 700,000 since the beginning of the crisis.This Budget ensures that the welfare system is fair to taxpayers while supporting the most vulnerable, and builds an economy based on higher pay, lower taxes and lower welfare.

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This publication is available at https://uk/government/publications/summer-budget-2015/summer-budget-2015 This is a Budget that puts security first.

Over the past year, 85% of the increase in employment has been in full-time work and 92% has been in high or medium-skilled jobs.

The proportion of those who are inactive has been falling and is lower than it was before the crisis, but there are still too many working-age people who are not engaged in the labour force.

It recognises the risks from abroad and the need to secure Britain’s economic future.

The UK labour market performance continues to be strong.

New fiscal rules will cement this fiscal path, and ensure that governments run surpluses in normal times.

To achieve the surplus in 2019-20 the government will undertake around £37 billion of further consolidation measures.

However, Britain is still running a 4.9% deficit, and debt is above 80% of .


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