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Marriage is not a possibility for Ruben, who entered the country illegally and would need to return to Mexico and wait for 10 years before gaining legal status.

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This is the story of the many couples in interracial relationships, mostly white women and Mexican men, who live in the town of Shenandoah, Pa.

This summer, the town garnered national media attention when a group of white teenagers killed a Mexican man who had a white girlfriend.

Although they may get married, Felipe says he doesn't want to.

"I don't want people to say that she married me so I could get my papers," he says.

"I am with her because I love her."Anne says she respects his decision, but hopes that he can change his mind: She knows single mothers in Shenandoah whose undocumented partners have been deported.

Yet, discrimination in East Pennsylvania is not limited to Latino men and white women.

Amid an environment of racial harassment, these couples also live with the uncertainty that they could one day be separated because their partner is not in the United States legally.

This is the case of Ruben*, a 39-year-old Mexican, who came to Shenandoah 10 years ago and lives with his partner of five years, 28-year-old Susan*.

Various couples of white women and Mexican men say they have to endure the discrimination of belonging to different ethnic groups, as well as offensive slurs and the stares.

But what bothers them most, they say, is the lack of tolerance in a town that is barely a mile long and has a church on every two blocks.

Even though most of these women do not speak Spanish, they participate in the mass.

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