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Individual research includes the following themes: Social history of the Limburg coal mines, , History of punishment, 19th and 20th centuries, History of the Comte of Flanders, 9th-13th centuries, General gender history, 20th century, Cultural history of Ancient Greece, Agricultural history, 19th and 20th centuries, Maritime history, 17th-19th centuries, History of the resistance movement during the Second World War, Industrial relations since 1918, History of Marxist political and economic thought in post-war Europe, Industrial development of cities, 12th-15th centuries, Women and labour, early 19th century, Standard of living in Western Europe, 19th and 20th centuries, History of academics, 20th century, History of economic institutions, 19th and 20th centuries, History of political development, 19th and 20th centuries.Gerontologie en Geriatrie Gerontologie " Het onderzoek is typisch multidisciplinair.This means for example that the processes of mountain-building and destruction upon erosion can be quantitatively modellised on the base of experimentally determined physical parameters.

A second FKFO-project (together with UIA, KUL and VUB) is devoted to the study of underdrawing and underpainting in the work of Rubens, contributing to a better insight into the creative process and the working of the atelier.

Infrared reflectography and chemical analysis of pigments are here called in.

It offers new insights in the development of the written language. Theatre research: Within the department the study of Modern Dutch Theatre has a strong tradition. Dutch Literature: The study of Modern Dutch literature, prose as well as poetry, has been carried out for years.

It continues the tradition started with Jean Weisgerber. Dutch Grammar: The study of grammar is carried out from a socio-pragmatic point of view with a strong non-traditional theoretical approach diverging from the Chomskyan one. German Literature: This study focuses on modern German literature and deals with topics such as gender studies (female authors), youth literature and the editing of correspondences of literary figures.

Sociale Geografie: - Urban en sociale geografie; - Urban and regional planning; - Geografie van ontwikkeling; - Geografie van Volksgezondheid. Fysische Geografie: - IJs en klimaat; - Bodemerosie en landschap studies. Cartografie en Geografische Informatie Systemen." Geochronologie (nederlandstalige doelstellingen volgt later) CHRO's activities are to be considered within the frame of the mineral environment field.

The origin of rocks and mineral deposits, the structural evolution of the crust are addressed by means of the study of argon accumulation upon radioactive decay of potassium, in different geological systems.

The applications are thus numerous: the dating of the ore deposits provides a clue for ore prospection, active faults (possible seats of earthquakes) can be identified, etc.

Let us mention in particular the establishment of a numerical chronology for Quaternary sedimentary sequences (from 2 million years to 2000 years) which keep the record of past climate changes.

Many staff members are part of the committee of international scientific journals.

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