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M., Partners and Partnerships—International Aspects (Foreign Income Series). M., Partnerships—Current and Liquidating Distributions; Death or Retirement of a Partner. M., Partnerships—Formation and Contributions of Property or Services; 718 T.

Distributions, usually liquidating distributions, are important components of major partnership restructurings, including divisions, mergers, incorporations, and changes in legal form. Partnership's Inside Basis Adjustment under § 734(b) 2. Tiered Partnerships (1) Adjusting Through the Tiers (2) Distribution of Lower-Tier Partnership Interest b. Other Property Distributed to Contributing Partner-§ 737 F.

As with all other aspects of partnership taxation, the dual nature of a partnership for tax purposes—as at times an aggregation of its partners, and at times an entity—complicates the discussion, particularly because no one, including the author, has been able to articulate a comprehensive statement of when the aggregate, and when the entity, aspect should predominate. Distributee's Basis, Holding Period and Character 1. Inside Basis Reduction for Corporation Distributed to Controlling Corporate Partner 2. Basis Adjustment Without § 754 Election: Current Distributions-§ 732(d) D.

Finally, Part V analyzes §736, which characterizes partnership payments made to a retiring partner or the successors of a deceased partner, dividing them between those that are liquidating distributions allocable to the retiring or deceased partner's interest in the partnership (including goodwill and similar intangibles) that are governed by the principles discussed in Part IV, and any other withdrawal payments, which are classified as either distributive share payments, with their character determined by the allocable share of partnership income, or guaranteed payments, which are ordinary income to the distributee without regard to partnership income, depending on whether their amount is determined by partnership income or not, and are, in effect, deductible (or excludible) by the partnership (remaining partners).

It also addresses estate and income tax considerations relevant to a deceased partner's successors, other than those involving §736.

Part I, Introduction, briefly discusses important general principles not directly related to distributions, but that will nevertheless frequently be referred to throughout the Portfolio, including partnership capital accounts, §704(c) and reverse §704(c) allocations.

Part I then addresses the vexing question of distinguishing a partner withdrawal from sale of a partnership interest (which are considered in more detail in 718 T. Partnerships—Disposition of Partnership Interests or Partnership Business; Partnership Termination).

Further complication arises because the “tax” partnership includes not only entities organized as general partnerships or limited partnerships (“LP”) under state law, but also the newer forms of limited liability partnerships (“LLP”), initially primarily for professionals, and the increasingly popular limited liability company (“LLC”). Distributee's Transferred Basis in Distributed Property a. Character and Holding Period of Distributed Property a.

The newer forms, particularly the LLC, have many more entity characteristics, particularly when full advantage of the freedom to contract that is part of the latest revisions of the governing statutes in most commercial states is taken into account, so that it is hard to distinguish them from corporations.

Changing the State Law Form of a Tax Partnership b. Unincorporated Tax Partnership Entity to Corporation V.

Distributive Share or Guaranteed Payments-§ 736(a) 1.

Assumption of § 1.752-7 Liability by Another Partner IV.


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