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This incident caused fans being upset over the low security standards, the slow reaction time of all of the members besides Sunny and the fact that SM Entertainment was quite secretive about this case.A light stick is a way to show your artist your love and support.

At the Dream Concert on June 7, 2008 at the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium (not long after their debut) Girls' Generation experienced a ten-minute black ocean.

The band had already many fans so it wasn’t for the lack of SONEs rather than the fans themselves creating the situation.

Amusingly, there are also fandom names for the ships: fans of Sun Yeon (Sunny x Taeyeon) are "Dan Dyu Gangsters", fans of Je Ti (Jessica x Tiffany) are "Je Tidal Wave Surfers".

Yoon Yul (Yoona x Yuri) create "Twin Troopers", Yul Ti (Yuri x Tiffany) "Soulkeepers", Yoon Sic (Yoona x Jessica) "Yoon Sicretives" and Soo Sun (Sooyoung x Sunny) "Soon Sunatics".

Out of the 36 possible pairing options these are more popular than the others; according to Yoon Yul is the most popular ship followed by Yoon Sic and Tae Ny.

Apart from that they are frequently shipped with several male (and female) idols they had interaction with (like Taeyeon and G-Dragon of Big Bang or Yoona and Taecyeon of 2PM) as well as fellow label mates, male and female.The deeper meaning is that 소원 (So Wun), pronounced "So One", implies that Girls' Generation will always be one with their fans. The individual fandoms are called Taeganger (Taeyeon), Sun Shiner (Sunny), Gor JESS Spazzer/Maomao (Jessica), Hyohunnie (Hyoyeon), Yurisistable (Yuri), Fanytastic (Tiffany), Soo Youngster (Sooyoung), Yoon Addict (Yoona) and Seo Mate (Seohyun).However, nowadays Jessica's fans are called "Golden Stars" as a tribute to all her fans who shined during her dark times.“There were many people who wanted to hear my songs so I sang really diligently and uploaded my work but to the people who say this is a ‘Lovestagram’ and whatnot, just how messed up are you to only think that way.I’m just living doing what I want to do so if you can’t stand the sight of that then don’t visit my Instagram. While I’m at it, about following Taeyeon, people said she appeared in the clip so I wanted to hear for myself and I pressed ‘like’ by accident but I thought it might look weird if I just pressed ‘like’ so that’s why I also followed [her] but because you all kept complaining I unfollowed.The group is signed to SM Entertainment and includes Taeyeon (Kim Taeyeon; 김태연), Sunny (Lee Soonkyu; 이순규), Tiffany (Hwang Tiffany; 황미영), Hyoyeon (Kim Hyoyeon; 김효연), Yuri (Kwon Yuri; 권유리), Sooyoung (Choi Sooyoung; 최수영), Yoona (Im Yoonah; 임윤아) and Seohyun (Seo Junhyun; 서주현).


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