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: ^ almost every night there is a shooting in my city and it's ALWAYS niggers who do it! : ^ honkies are so dumb they invented the airplanel, went into space, your internet, modern medicene, the automobile, etc. Oh wait, they invented carjacking, home invasion, and curbside crack sales.

If they showed their scars, people like some of you would make fun of them, only hurting them more, so if they were true to what it feels like to be depressed, then: (Person above speaking) ^^ Words hurt sometimes, deal with it. Sure, she's overweight but there's thousands of guys who would go for her.

I have no sympathy for people who self-harm just because of what someone said to them. Would you try to understand, or would you be like this? I can't even describe how hurt people are from others. maybe someone would condone that it feels quite strange. Lose the attitude, get rid of all the stupid clothes, piercings make-up Link to this: IRC_-_Before_we_got_torrents,_P2P_and_even_Napster,_ m IRC_was_the_best_place_where_you_could_get_lots_of_movies,_apps_and_mp3's_for_f ree.

It's very simple to understand THAT ISN'T OUR FAULT that your people are losing faith.

Anonymous: These Muslem girls at least made a decent looking rocket with a tube, plastic bottle, paint and paper.

: ^cool, although she must be devastated with how Germany/Western world looks today, with niggers roaming the streets in the Western world, and masses of greedjews and sandniggers have crawled themselves up to Germany...

Anonymous: "You really make it seem so simple with your presentation but I find this topic before really hard to understand. I am looking forward for your next post."Anonymous: "Took me time to learn all of the comments, however I really enjoyed the article.

They'd do much better if they checked themselves into a psychiatric hospital for treatment of their mental-fuck.: Suicide just isn't funny guys, neither is cutting. Anonymous: all that bickering about writing things wrong. Anonymous: @Terrorist Lolicon: Have you paid ANY attention to world events in the last ten years? It's NOT just about the Jews taking over Palestine (to flee genocide).

It's about extremist Muslims who reject all reason and sometimes even send their OWN CHILDREN to death over IDEAS they deem offensive.

Anonymous: (Person above again) ^^^^ The people I know who cut are physically and mentally amused everywhere they go, and people on the Internet calling them names doesn't help.


  1. A primeira etapa é fazer a desinstalação pelo método convencional do Windows.

  2. And being kids, teens and tween girls can be both adventurous and bored at the same time.

  3. On the other end, we were seeing the problems with Ryan's way of life.

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