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If Xtube acts as swiftly as Red Tube did, then this will hopefully be a short lived problem, but visitors should ensure they avoid the adult site -- or use protection -- until it is. That's why you should always have powerful security software installed on your computer to detect attacks and get rid of malware.

Pornographic websites are a popular target for these kinds of attacks because they receive a lot of traffic. Visit my Security Center to find free security software for your computer.

Cord-cutters will want You Tube TV, while You Tube Red is for those who love their You Tube and want as much of it as possible, without any ads.

You Tube Red includes free access to Google Play Music, a Spotify competitor that includes a cloud-locker service.

You Tube's chief of music Lyor Cohen recently told audiences that the company is looking into tying Google Play Music and You Tube Red closer together.

You can access You Tube Red on Roku and Apple TV set-top boxes, but not on the Amazon Fire TV.

You Tube TV will not be available on any of those boxes, but Air Play could send it from an i OS device to an Apple TV.

It doesn't matter too much as I will just average the power over that time interval. I had the phone in airplane mode so that the wifi and 3G data are off.

It's doing something - I suspect it has nothing to do with the brightness level. (here is the data in google docs if you want it)Here the error bars represent the standard deviation.

While You Tube TV looks to replace your TV service, You Tube Red is more targeted at those who can't get enough of the videos that you can find on You Tube itself.

Here are the differences between You Tube TV and You Tube Red.

They happen about 400 seconds apart so I guess it is some scheduled process or some background app that is checking in on something. I don't think it really matters - but I wanted to fit a function to the data. If you fit all the data, the linear doesn't fit too well.

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