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Tapping on a friend’s name, then opening their Snapchat profile on the app shows a small counter below their name that goes up every time they send or receive a snap.And there’s the added bonus of being able to browse your teen’s Snapchat “Stories,” which is an archive of any snaps they send. It’s an i Phone app time tracker that does nothing more than keep a tally of how much time someone is spending on their phone, and what they’re doing with it.Whether you are going through a challenging time or just want to talk to someone, at 7 Cups you'll find a path connecting you to kind people and helping you develop new skills to solve your problems. To seek out a listener based on life experience or affiliation, browse or search our listener community to find the right listener or online counselor, someone with whom you feel comfortable chatting without fear of being judged.

It also tracks SMS messages and calls, and lets you block numbers and even lock down apps from their phone, so it might be overkill depending on the situation, but it’s a nice tool to have in your back pocket.

Snapchat’s popularity isn’t likely to wane any time soon, so responsible parents taking a proactive approach with these tips and tools early on is the best way to avoid more serious problems with privacy and smartphone addiction down the road.

In fact, a huge survey of Snapchat teens by and befriending your kid lets them know that you’re not quite as oblivious as they might think, but there’s an even better reason to join up.

Once you’re Snapchat friends with your teen, you can actually see the exact number of snaps they’re sending and receiving.

Take your first step now Online therapy is mental health counseling provided via the Internet. We can talk everything that we can't talk to people around us. This has helped me get better and the people here could easily relate to your problems. If you need to get something out, but can't talk to your friends/family & don't want to see a therapist 7 cups is do you.

Sometimes it is called e-therapy, distance therapy, telehealth, or Internet therapy. I really love this app and have better feeling after talk about my problems to someone in this app.

It’s incredibly popular, and if you have a teenage son or daughter, there’s a really good chance that they’re using Snapchat on their smartphone.

A new feature in the messaging app is raising lots of parental eyebrows, and we’ve been getting quite a few other questions related to Snapchat and digital parenting, too.

First, tap the little gear icon in the upper right corner, then scroll down to where it says “Who can …

See my location.” Tap it, and click “Ghost Mode” so it turns on.

Tech Life Columnist Jennifer Jolly addresses parents concerns over Snapchats' new Snap Map feature.


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