Dating when caregiving Free sex road sign

If you’re anything like me, in the near future, you’ll probably find yourself dating someone who is younger than you.There are, of course, any number of reasons for this.

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If you’re dating a young Republican, you can always go with “smaller government.” That’s an evergreen.

If, however, you find you’re dating a Trump supporter? This is one of the more explosive parts of the May-December relationship. An activity so archaic, you might have to give your lover a book about the history of reading. And you may then have to act the whole thing out with an interpretive dance.

Dating while caregiving will present some unique challenges, but it is no reason to avoid the experience all together.

Introducing Your Significant Other to Your Parents If your parent lives with you in your home, sooner or later, you will have to introduce your significant other to your mom or dad.

After all, caregiving is a major part of your life, it consumes most of your time and happens to be one of your job titles.

It is a position that deserves respect from those you bring into your life.Just remember that young people call records “discs.” And that you can respond to almost any question by saying “Radiohead.” Learn these two rules and you’ll be fine.Young people today are obsessed with food additives.If you don’t want to blow it, be sure you use the term correctly.In other words, should you say the GMO is still your favorite muscle car, expect that to be followed by a bone-chilling silence.While introducing your boyfriend or girlfriend is often stressful enough, add to the fact that your parent may be suffering from dementia, or have become argumentative and controlling in their current state, and the stress level of introductions may skyrocket.

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