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Your Star earns Star coins and Fame points when your friends watch your movies, and similarly when you watch your friends’ movies, when you participate in chat rooms and win the games and quizzes.

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As someone who has been an online dating coach since 2003, I’d venture to guess that I’ve not only seen more usernames than just about anyone on the planet, but I’ve written more of them as well.

Why do I think that usernames make a difference, when everyone knows that it’s all about the profile and photo?

For personalized name suggestions, add some keywords that describe your character, hobbies or numbers.

To check availability on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube and other social networks, simply click on the name you like.

Because when you’re dating online, which is an extremely competitive medium, you need every advantage you can get.

A great username is a differentiator – a unique brand name – something that completely sets you apart from every other person on a dating site.

You can also start a contest to get username ideas from other people.

You could apply dialogues on them and control scenarios and events with Time buttons.

This name generator will give you 10 random usernames, ideal for a wide range of games, websites and other purposes.

There are no usernames like 'xx Legolasxx' or 'Doomlord2014', for obvious reasons.

It also shuts out computer viruses and distracts advertisements.


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