Free pussy cams usa - Dating the taurs man

I don’t really think I have ever seen a sign that gets more misunderstood than you Scorpio women.Of course, most of you tend to like it that way: not so much being misunderstood as being mysterious and enjoying playing with people just a bit.You both deeply enjoy being in the moment and fully experiencing the pleasure it can hold- but, you are, unfortunately, both remarkably demanding in your own ways and this can cause some serious problems!

Taurus men have notoriously easy-to-wound egos and you’d do well to remember that as you go.

There is another breed of Taurus man, too- the one who is all about that clean living.

Taurus men tend to be very simple- not simple-minded, now, but they value pragmatism and simplicity to the very core of their being.

All too often, women make the mistake of over complicating things- especially Scorpio women- with a Taurus man.

Scorpio, you would do well to think of him as more a complex puzzle and less an insensitive jerk.

I know how hard that can be, but if you write him off in your mind as being thoughtless- then, thoughtless he will likely be until one of you ends it and moves on.

This may not be your best bet with a Taurus but it can also be a big, big draw if done correctly.

Think about it in fractions- you want to be about 85% consistent and stable and 25% mystery that keeps him on his toes for good measure and that will be a nearly intoxicating blend.

Where it gets a bit weird is, you want things to be fully explored, no stone unturned and you want to know it all, no matter how messy or complicated it gets.


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