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Pound had been considering writing a long poem since around 1905, but work did not begin until May 1915 when Pound wrote to his mother that he was working on a long poem.

He published the first three cantos in June, July and August 1917, in the journal Poetry.

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In this version, the poem began as an address by the poet to Robert Browning.

Pound came to believe that this narrative voice compromised the intent of his poetic vision, and these first three ur-cantos were soon abandoned and a new starting point sought.

Critics like Hugh Kenner who take a more positive view of The Cantos have tended to follow this hint, seeing the poem as a poetic record of Pound's life and reading that sends out new branches as new needs arise with the final poem, like a tree, displaying a kind of unpredictable inevitability.

[The letter columns ACB/ABC may indicate the sequences in which the concepts could be presented.] In the light of cantos written later than this letter, it would be possible to add other recurring motifs to this list, such as: periploi ('voyages around'); vegetation rituals such as the Eleusinian Mysteries; usura, banking and credit; and the drive towards clarity in art, such as the 'clear line' of Renaissance painting and the 'clear song' of the troubadours.

The earliest part of The Cantos to be published in book form was released by Three Mountains Press in 1925 under the title A Draft of XVI Cantos.

The first nearly complete edition was New Directions' The Cantos (1-120) (1970).The poem's symbolic structure also makes use of an opposition between darkness and light.Images of light are used variously, and may represent Neoplatonic ideas of divinity, the artistic impulse, love (both sacred and physical) and good governance, amongst other things.This was reissued in paperback in 1986 with the addition of the Italian Cantos 72-73.In 2015 Carcanet Press published a volume of Posthumous Cantos, a selection of discarded and uncollected drafts, ca. The Cantos has always been a controversial work, initially so because of the experimental nature of the writing.It is a book-length work, widely considered to be an intense and challenging read.


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