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Dating at forty is already difficult enough as it is, but the system is a vicious cycle that creates more singletons who are desperate; not because they’re fed up of being single, but because they can’t find anyone worth not being single for.

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The site closed in September 2016 for a €1.1 million renovation partly financed by a grant from Iceland, Norway, and Liechtenstein.

The renovated museum was inaugurated by Minister for Culture Owen Bonnici on 28 April 2017 and includes a new climate control system for the Hypogeum as well as an expanded visitor centre.

The figures range from abstract to realistic in style, with major themes thought to be related to veneration of the dead and spiritual transformation.

Complex artistic techniques are also represented, as in the case of a single large pottery bowl which utilized both naturalistic and stylized themes, with one side realistically depicting bovines, pigs and goats, and the other side representing hatched animals hidden within complex geometric patterns.

Later archeological excavations indicate there was once a surface shrine that marked the entrance to the Hypogeum, with its subsequent destruction likely shielding the lower structure from discovery for thousands of years.

The temple structure uses a careful direction of light from the surface to penetrate into the lower chambers, with intricate patterns painted on portions of the ceiling with red ocher, following motifs of spots, spirals and honeycombs.

A broad range of objects were recovered from the site, including intricately decorated pottery vessels, stone and clay beads, shell buttons, amulets, axe-heads, and carved figures depicting humans and animals.

The most notable discovery was the Sleeping Lady, a clay figure thought to represent a mother goddess.

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