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If he thought I was an awesome friend then why would he not fight for our friendship?

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He told me that he does not want a relationship but a female companion. He said someone I can go out to dinner with, take vacations, spend time with hisfriends, make dinner for each other, and etc.

He then turned to me and asked me if I want to be his 'female companion'? It was weird, when I was with him I felt like a princess but then there were days where he wouldn't text me (Let me add that I hardly ever text him).

That can happen, but the odds aren't in your favor.

There was advice somewhere above about playing hard to get in order to catch an aries man.

That's very true (nothing sexier actually, and a pretty sneaky approach.. BUT, to state the obvious, it only works if we at least half way want you. Ok I understand that, but I never showed any signs of being clingy.

If we don't, then sure it makes you a much more attractive conquest, but the rest of the package still has to be worth the sacrifices if it's going to turn into a relationship. If he felt that way then I am sure he would of told me straight out.

We had too many cocktails and it happened to be that I ended up sleeping with him on the first night we hung out (this is sooo not a part of my character).

Since that day we talked everyday through text messaging.

He pursued me on Facebook, we exchanged numbers, and two weeks later hung out.

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