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You may even be able to have a small picture-in-picture view of Auto Guard in the corner while in other apps, depending on your hardware.One of the main problems with dash cam apps versus hardware devices is that you have to set the app up every time.UIS supports mobile devices on a best-efforts basis.

Price: Free Rating: 4.2 stars Cam On Road is a totally free dash cam app from Castarama Ltd. Castarama also provides 2 GB of cloud storage for dash cam recordings free of charge to registered users.

Although dash cam apps will never be as convenient to use as hardware dashboard cameras, Cam On Road is an example of an app that does something no physical device can.

Note that many dash cam apps can be operated when not actively in focus, meaning that they are capable of recording when there is absolutely no outward indication that your phone is recording.

This makes some of these apps suitable for use as spy cams, but completely aside from the question of whether dash cams are legal, it's important to remember that recording people without their knowledge is illegal in a lot of places.

In addition to turning your phone into a dash cam, it also has integrated GPS navigation functionality.

Some dash cams come with built-in GPS to prove where a particular accident happened, but they don't actually provide directions like a real GPS unit.You can contact us through various touch points, viz., paper mail, toll-free call center, e-mail, website or by walking-in to a CAMS service center.Here are some of the things that we can help you with: Whatsapp : 91-9282112267 Timings:9AM - 6PM (Mon-Fri)9AM - 1PM (Sat) For queries or complaints related to specific funds, you can fill and submit our online form.Price: Free/.50Rating: 4.1 stars Caro O is a dash cam app from Pokevian that has both free and premium versions.The free version limits you to 100 uses, after which you either have to buy the premium version or uninstall.So while these apps aren't always as convenient as a hardware device would be, they are the most useful dash camera alternatives available.


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