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These erotic stories contain graphic sexual language which is the way that all good sex stories should be written. Growing Up on the South Side is an erotic coming of age story that explores when a young man is new to a woman's body and explores it sexually for the first time.

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In this true erotic story, a young woman details how to her pleasant surprise one of her male friend fingers her discreetly at the table.

A sexy story as a man describes admiring his lover and then taking her into his arms and seducing her sense with delectable sensual delights for her pleasure and his own.

This erotic story is a detailed account of a shower that turns into an erotic exploration of his female lover's body and vice versa.

She proceeds to give him oral sex and the details of this are explored at length. A newly divorced woman finds herself quite aroused by an electrician who comes to do some home repairs for her.

Later when her husband comes home he shares in the fun.

A newly married man discovers his wife is interested in an open marriage in a rather unfortunate way.

A short but sweet story of seduction and sexual bliss.

The Bridges of Madison County is not the only tale of an erotic love that is lost in Iowa; find out here if these lovers make their youthful love last or if it is only a memory by reading this enjoyable sensual tale.

Enjoy this true story about a couple that buys The Art of Female Ejaculation ebook and learns how to achieve female ejaculation for the first time.


  1. If you find anything inappropriate, please inform the Webmaster and he will immediately remove the link to that inappropriate story. 1942 - by Jenny Wanshel - Heidi led the German soldier down the stony path to the old barn.

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  4. Very few episodes of the 1960s The Match Game survive (see episode status below).

  5. I tak, emitując w porze największej oglądalności marnej jakości programy, wmawiali wszystkim, że ludzie je najchętniej oglądają. Teatr Telewizji zaczął podupadać w latach 90., za prezesury Roberta Kwiatkowskiego, który zasłynął cynicznym powiedzeniem: „Tyle misji, ile abonamentu”.

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