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*Viewerville: you know nothing, Jon Snow* Espanto is going to the nearest pharmacy. *insert crazy villana voice here* Damn you Salsero, I curse you! * The Atonement of Salsero, part IV: at the library Nikki Arriaga and Guzmán try to tell the truth about Salsero and Kendra to the Ikkis as gently as they can.Kendho is a murderer who killed Cristina, Nelson, and she and Dances (who was her lover) organized all the kidnapping attempts.Without you we wouldn’t know about what happened to Nellie *RIP, my furry troll, I liked you*, Lili and Cristina.

especially Salsero, who used to care about this woman.

* Next day at the Balvaneras the servants talk about the anvil that dropped on Kendho’s head.

Patio People freak out.” * A few days later Francisco takes Nikki to a surprise trip, which includes a fantastic helicopter flight over the countryside and a fabulous picnic with flowers, champagne… What the heck happened to our AV men, first clowns, and then a private concert? Did Frankie rob a bank while we weren’t paying attention, or what?

Our cute youngsters tell each other how much they love one another… Nikki looks like she’s about to run for her life (after all there’s at least one person who remembers what happened to Kendho when she encountered the local wildlife), and her surprise couldn’t be bigger when it turns out the owl brought a gift for her. Chiquita, says Frankie, will you accept me as your husband? But Lili and Roy just don’t leave him in peace: senor Arriaga, I’d like to ask for Liliana’s hand, stutters the Boytoy. * A few days later the Boytoy and Lili are sitting in a restaurant, and while the singers are singing “When a man loves a woman”, they gaze adoringly at each other.

* At a park Vicente whispers sweet things into Adriana’s ears. While the clowns (who are mostly kids) are singing and dancing, Vicente can’t stop cuddling the baby… * Salsero’s already found out which van Espanto used, and he called his contacts who can track it down.

Suddenly a trains shows up with clowns, and it turned out Doctor Hottie organized this… He calls Guzmi and Arriaga, who are heading to the Balvanera mansion with baby Mía and her babysitter.Vicky’s sure that all his help will be considered extenuating circumstance at court. At the local prison Espanto refuses to say anything to the cops. However, he tells Salsero about Kendho’s whereabouts and asks him to go and find her. Kendho, who lost too much blood, is already out of her mind with fear and pain, wakes to wolves howling.Dances says he already told everything to Betty, and it seems he’s about to cry when his cell phone starts ringing. Suddenly Guillo runs out of his room: he’s also crying desperately and he begs his mom to tell him that letter from Santino isn’t real! It’s better to live in jail than to die like a dog. She whispers a hopeful “Espanto”, and she turns her cell phone on to make some light. * The supersuper bodyguards are already at the entrance of the cave.However, the gun fires and Kendho gets shot on her upper arm. She says they can’t go on the highway because police would notice them in a heartbeat. * At Meta Imagen Vicky, who’s now holding Angelito in her arms, promotes Gilda/Hilda/Whatevs.While Salsa-Dude is lying on the floor unconsciously, the panicking duo is sneaking out of the flat through the service door. The Barbie doll can’t stop screaming and crying, she’s in pain. The supertrio goes back to the street, and they try to find out what to do. * At Meta Imagen Estefano and Victoria are taking turns at adoring Angelito (who’s a cutie! From now she’ll work with the head of the administration, or something like that.He knows a lifetime wouldn’t be enough to pay for his sins. He’s about to leave when Victoria stops him: no, Salsero, you aren’t going anywhere!

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