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NEWS EDf TOR A compromise between "no new taxes'* and Gov. The Lakers captured the title in 1986--88 and the Detroit Pistons in 1988^ and 1 989-90 before C hicago ran away with its first last season. mini-blinds, w/d, retrig w/ ice maker, bkfst bar, mauve carpet 5/ mo. "I think all the uproar over the film festival at the (Leon County public) library brought that point home because a lot of the people who came out to support m weitist folks in the community who support basic human rights." The area gay and lesbian population, which is conservatively estimat(^d to be approximately 15,000 I^ple, is easily overlooked, according to Itenman.

Lawton Chiles' "Fair Share" budget plan is expected in the Legislature's special session, according to leg- islative and higher education of- ficials, and education will fare best among entities receiving state money. The Boston Celtics are the only other franchise to repeat. 5/mo Merdian Mar«gemer« Reirity 222-8702 Spacious 2br/2ba twnhse 1300 sq. The huge number of state workers who can't come out for fear ol losing their jobs makes that impossible, she said.

If prioriti^ aren't shifted soon, Geiger sees America losing ground in ito international position. And it seemed unlikely rap fans would follow Ice-T over to the metal scene. And indicted, at that, because he refused praised, especially by the murderous buffoon G.

"I've talked with educators around the world and they all agree that Amwica has the greatest higher education system in the world, without a doubt." "Why is that? "It's because America invests money in higher education." Pat Tornillo, president of the Florida Education Association agreed that more money needs to be spent in elementary and secondary education as well. But the pubhcity from the boycott has doubled the album's sales in some cities, and caused an overall increase nationwide. Gordon to tell prosecutors what he and Ronald Reagan knew Liddy, for claiming Nixon was set up by John Dean, about illegal arms shipments to Iran— and when Dean, the authors would have us be Ueve, ordered the exactly they knew it.

Train, train, get me on out of this town (see page 5) Florida Fla MONDAY, JUNE 1, 1992 SERVING m LLAHASSEE FOR 77 YEARS Cloudy and warm High near 90. Casa El Salvador is responsible for many of the local lectures ami programs designed to raise awareness of the political situation in El Salvador. Deiux 1 bd oondo near stadium Avail Nowl Spar Hyng pool Iwjndry DA^ cai M conn, parking «^ oond 1375 21 . Culpepper and Weldon's four-day camp will be held at the Leon High School fleld. Camp tuition is $60 and proof of insurance and a parent's signature are required. MISSION TRACE APARTMENTS 3 BEDROOM WITH 1 1 00 SQ FT FOR SPECIALS CALL 562-7441. For more info Pleasa Qb M Lafayttte Realty at 877-3169. Festival, Dana Farmer, '-said they felt that at least 90 percent of the passing motorists responded positively to the group's gathering. EP Stiletto Slalom Ski 67 inches double high rap binders.

The 38 year old Lazo is the founder of Casa El Salvador, a local group which supports El Salvador's rebel Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN). Sunny pool, sand volleyball, laundry room, basketball 222-2056. it could have made a difference in my college and pro career," Harvey said. Denman and an organizer of the controversial Lesbian and Gay Fiim.

No stranger to the classroom himself, Geiger taught middle school math and science for five years before joining the ranks of the 2 million member NEA union. Nc Kth Florida Womens Health S«rvte«t77-3183 UNPLANNED PREGNANCY? We j Her compassionate & confidential ibortion services. The real question is: How wise is Clinton to attack Souljah now? If SHck Willie is trying to play off Blacks in order to gain white votes, his statements are far ^me repulsive than Sister Souljah's.

After serving six years as vice president, he was elected president in July 1989. Unlike Clinton, Souljah is not running for elected office and should not be put through the scrutiny Clinton must endure. At the same time, Ice-Ts heavy metal group Body Count continues to antagonize the law enforcement ^nmunity with "Cop Killer," a song on the self-titled album.

Though the Democrats hold a 21-19 majority in the Senate, one of the Democrats, Sen. Pat Thomas Steve Cannon/Flambeau A road to nowhere With legislators anticipating September elections, don't expect much this session. According to the latert Mason-Dixon poll, the answer seems to be yes. The 37 -year-old victim told officers she saw the teen standing on one of the exercise trail's bridges. THE CINE CLUB holds a general meeting Friday at 5 I (I t rdk about video competitions in Room 322 FSU l.'nion For mor(^ info call 942-0555. "I'm finding that the more ^ople know we're here, the more they accept us ' The couple was ticcompanied by Patrick's mother, an immigrant from Germany who acknowledges her son's sexuality She expressed anger over society's intolerance of homosexuality.

Sherry Walker, has come out against any sort of tax increase. Session sickness: No chance for a 'fair share' in this state of affairs BY D. ROBERTS SPECIAL TO THE FLAMBEAU What is wrong with us in Florida that our greed and our selfishness outweigh the crying and evident needs of the state? Do we really think that universities and schools and children and the old and the sick and the poor and the homeless get too much money ftrom us? Over two-thirds of the people of Fkrida wse convinced that the state has plenty of money. She continued past him to work out at the trail's station No. She saw him again as he walked past her before he IN BRIEF ■■■■■■■■i CPE AND TALLAHASSEE WILPF are showing a video. CPE AND SOS are showing the Vivisection: Science or Sham? For more info call 644 6577 THE AMERICAN LUNG ASSOCIATION AND « VV'TNT-FM will have a country music program and lundraiser to fight lung disease this Saturday. ASSE, an international student exchange program, is looking for host families to lake in high school students from Europe. "1 saw what happened m Nazi (rtjrmany with the persecution of the Jews and 1 df)n't want the same thing happening here with gay people, ' she said.

Speaking to members of the Tallahassee Tiger Bay Club, Geiger stressed the importance of investing m America's education, calling for a nationwide shift in political interests. amer Mie Ir Kl wa Nng distarxis to FSU, large sunny pod. L^ View apts., on site code at gaies Who could ask tor more? "Even when the piogi-am was f'ul ly funded, it didn't meet everyone's needs," said Judy Clark, president of the Florida Coalition for the Homeless. FL 32316 Dave Bryan Editor Amy Ellerson News Editor Mark Nessmith Sports Editor Kati Kairies.....


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