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Part of this was just standard technological upgrading, but the other part was that her firm would rather not have people visiting Center City in its current state.

The image was simply a bit too seedy and it had cost them some business.

She understood the technology pretty well, but she had talked to her IT folks and had gotten some very detailed questions to help sort out those who understood their products and those who had no clue.

The rep was more than willing to assist and answer any and every question she had in regards to their systems.

And with some of the more advanced systems you could make even more of an impression.

Sarah's job was to find the best for the cheapest price. No way they could do this for that amount." Sarah said out loud.

The new financial district was actually on the other side of the river from Sassy Street and was now getting the reputation as the new "Official" face of Center City.

It was still clean, well policed, had good schools, and the "clean" trendy night life and hotspots.

But moving was also not an option, at least not for another 2 or 3 years until they could build up a bigger cash fund.

So that left doing Video-Teleconferencing with all the customers.

I'm probably sounding desperate but you might be our last chance." "Look, let me give you this offer. If you don't like our system after two weeks, we will pull it and you can get someone else. That offer was too good to pass up, even if they only came through on half the stuff. I need 2 days to get things set; you can contact my people on Thursday." THREE DAYS LATER IN THE SAME OFFICE Sarah stared at her screen with a look of amazement.


  1. Many times we need to find 3d models for any type of project such as games, virtual reality, augmented reality, 3d visualization applications and 3d animations.

  2. Permission granted to use the word-lists, on condition that links to the sites of LEO, DICDATA and MR HONEY are maintained.

  3. Der 47-jährige Michael Seibert, technischer Redakteur bei einer IT-Firma, ist seit 32 Jahren treuer Anhänger von Hannover 96.

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